Lights Out: Would Your Business Be Left in the Dark?

Could your business operate with little to no disruption if the power went out for an extended period of time? Here`s how you can be prepared.

Waterloo Region's tech sector continues to grow with flourishing start-ups, brilliant entrepreneurs, and thriving established companies. Technology, talent, and long work hours, are just a few contributors to their success. However, there is another lifeline fueling these businesses - the power that runs their offices. The dependency on having reliable access to technology and business systems are often taken for granted and are critical to achieving maximum uptime, deadlines,and meeting customer and stakeholder expectations.

With so much to accomplish in daily operations, sometimes emergency preparedness for unplanned power outages can be overlooked. Many times it isn't until the worst happens that it alerts you to a shortfall in your procedures or equipment. If the lights went out, would your business be left in the dark?

Steve Stecho, General Manager of Stecho, a leading electrical services company in business for over 60 years, works with many commercial clients on both sides of how to manage a power outage; those who are hit hard by a power failure and those who proactively plan outages to test their readiness as part of their building maintenance schedule.

"We have a client who experienced a power outage in the early morning hours," said Steve. "They had a generator, that kicked in to carry the building, but it was not connected to their security system which had a built in UPS. Unfortunately the UPS only lasted three hours before it shut down due to low battery. By the time the employees arrived for work, the swipe card access system that allowed entry into the building was down and no one could get in without a key. Of course the person with the key was over an hour away."

"We did an emergency call to help, but I was sorry to see that a business owner who tried to do the right thing and take the proper precautions was still left handcuffed to downtime," added Stecho.

Conducting planned outages as a regular part of your building maintenance schedule is a great way to ensure you're prepared for electrical failures.

There are two types of outages you can schedule with a trusted electrical service provider:

1. A PLANNED OUTAGE:These are usually timed to provide the building or tenant with the least disruption to business operations. Generally performed in the evening or weekends, minimal staff is in place (usually IT) to ensure everything runs smoothly and comes back online.

2. A RISK PLANNED OUTAGE:This is recommended at least once a year for companies that have 24 hour or critical operations. This planned outage takes place during normal business hours. It tests the operations of the business and ensures that during an unplanned outage, the business can operate with little to no disruption and allows staff to test written procedures. It also allows management and IT to assess gaps in power requirements and equipment.

Successful businesses mitigate or eliminate risk and solve a problem before it even becomes one and doing so is a lot easier when the lights are still on.

Is your business prepared?

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