David Johnston Research + Technology Park

Carol Stewart

The David Johnston Research + Technology Park (R+T) is one of the largest research parks in Canada and is uniquely located on the University of Waterloo's North Campus. Designed to accommodate 1.2 million square feet of office space on 120-acres (49 hectares), the Research Park houses thousands of ICT industry researchers, and technology jobs. The Research Park has generated an economic impact of $602 million in spending, $428 million in GDP, and $319 million in labour.

The cornerstone of the park is the Accelerator Centre (AC) which is a world-renowned, award-winning centre for the cultivation of technology entrepreneurship located at the gateway of the R+T Park in Waterloo, Ontario. The Accelerator Centre has graduated over 30 companies from their Accelerator Program , and has been ranked 9/10 for overall experience by their clients. Today the park is home to 50+ companies and almost 3,500 knowledge workers.

Coolness Overload

There's a good reason Inc. Magazine, that revered 'bible' of the entrepreneurial set, recently called Waterloo Region the Silicon Valley of Canada. Over the last decade our region has become a celebrated technology growth centre, anchored by the world-class University of Waterloo. Within the corridor linking the Greater Toronto Area and Waterloo Region, there are more than 15,000 tech companies, 200,000 tech workers and 5,200 startups.

Right here in the David Johnston Research + Technology Park, startups are born and thrive, incubated with care within the world-class Waterloo Accelerator Centre (AC). In this issue of Watch, we put the focus on just a few of the current cooler than cool startups calling the AC home for now.

  • We meet the "Daniels," Daniel Mackenzie and Daniel Pearson-Hirdes, two recent University of Waterloo grads who are on a mission with their company, HealthIM to give police better tools to respond to mental health crises.

  • We learn from Horizon Engineering Founder Hariharan Krithivasan how his company can help manufacturers slash their monthly electricity costs.

  • We are introduced to Dr. John Lewis's cool IRUS software, which makes public engagement as fun as playing Minecraft.

  • And, we get a sneak peek at the AC's plans for a new playground for hardware startups in downtown Kitchener.

  • We have such exciting startup stories unfolding here at the R+T Park. It's a joy to share just a few of them with you.