ECU is your Financial Information Centre!

We are changing because times are changing. Once again we have created another FIRST (please see 'Firsts' below), by providing our members with seminars and presentations about Budgeting, Cash Flow, Taxes, Financial Planning, Credit Card Debt, Importance of Your Credit Rating, Becoming an Executor, Retirement Options, Wise Investment Choices, Kids and Money, Cancer/Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance and so much more!

Why are we doing this? It's simple. We know that budgeting and money management are very important. There is currently no financial education in high school, college or university to teach about money matters and no one else is currently offering to educate you. In order to help our members, teachers, support staff, students, organizations and new members, ECU is working hard on Financial Education, budgeting and cash flow management seminars to assist all its members and educational partners.

Because budgeting isn't being taught, we are noticing an increasingly overwhelmed population, faced with money management issues and decisions that they cannot deal with. We aim to change that.

You'll notice our branches have a new look and a new focus just for you. Come by and see the changes and let us know how we can help. You have questions? We have answers.

Credit Union Firsts!
  1. First financial institutions to lend to a woman in her own name
  2. First to offer daily interest savings accounts
  3. First to offer Financial Education Classes for members and students
  4. First to offer fully functional online banking
  5. First to offer full service ATMs
  6. First to offer surcharge-free ATMs
  7. First to offer debit card services
  8. First to offer cheque imaging services
  9. First to offer payroll deduction services for deposits and loan payments
  10. First to offer loans based on borrower's character
  11. First to offer open mortgages
  12. First to offer home equity lines of credit
  13. First to offer a branchless bank
  14. First to offer an alternative to payday lending products
  15. First to offer financial safety nets to help teachers during a strike
  16. First to offer members a voice to have a say in how their financial institution is run
  17. First to offer registered education plans