Did you know that credit unions...

1. Have been around since the early 1900s

2. Are co-operatives owned by their members and are community focussed

3. Were the first to allow a woman to borrow under her own name

4. Were the first financial institutions to offer members debit cards

5. Were the first to offer the feature of cheque deposit with your smartphone

6. Offer all of the products/services you get at a national bank, but offer minimal to no fees

7. Believe in keeping your money in your pocket by keeping service charges low

8. Were the first to offer weekly/biweekly mortgage payments

9. Offer the best personal service, because they know their members

10. Use the money they earn to improve services and reward members, instead of paying out earnings to external shareholders (like national banks)

11. Put your interests first, get to know you and work together to find you the financial solutions that are in your best interest

12. Are on the ding free network. Use ANY other credit union ATM throughout Canada that is on the network and you won't get "dinged". That's over 3,200 surcharge-free ATMs

ECU has been in your community for 43 years and we are here to stay! Check us out for all your banking and financial needs.

Education Credit Union - Local Is Better

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